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Sasori Agility Challenge Game

Sasori Agility Challenge : Take control of the puppet master, Sasori of Akatsuki in Sasori Agility Challenge. Test how fast your reflex and eye-hand coordination in this fast-paced game. For those who do not Sasori, He is a high-class missing ninja from Hidden Sand and a genius in controlling puppets in the Naruto world. This is his main way of battling against other ninjas. Also he uses deadly poison that once nearly killed Kankuro, another puppet user from the Hidden Sand Village. Instructions: Default controls Mouse: for clicking your options in the game Travel to different stages with Sasori. Learn to time your jumps by pressing the jump button when the game signals you with a red flash and also your sand tail when the blue flash comes. The game is simple in style but is challenging enough to give you several game over defeat.

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