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Naruto Wrestling Game

Naruto Wrestling : The game is entertaining and even more enjoyable if you go head-to-head with another player. The animation and graphics are good, also the characters in the game features sounds from their respective anime which makes it more enjoyable to play specially when your character wins. The game is great but with limited characters to play and since it is not in English it is kind of hard to navigate around the menu at first. Instructions: The controls can be set in the menu. The defaults for player 1 are: movement keys w = jump, s = duck, d = move right, a = move left, ability keys, j = weak attacks, k = strong attacks, l = special attacks, u + movement, key = make character move left or right the enemy\'s side, i = defend, A combination of movement keys and ability keys will allow to trigger some hidden moves that may cost mana or chakra.

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