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Naruto and Ben 10 Beach Ball Game

Naruto and Ben 10 Beach Ball : Show off your skills with this once in a lifetime encounter between Naruto from the hit anime Naruto and Ben 10 from the famous alien cartoon of Cartoon Network. This time around, they will not be competing using battle abilities rather they will be showing off their volleyball abilities in this beach volleyball game. Take control of either Naruto or Ben 10 in this game and try to outscore your opponents by reaching first 20 points to win this volleyball game. The basic rules of volleyball apply wherein a point is awarded to the team that successfully lands the ball to ground in the opponents play area and wherein 3 consecutive ball touching is a penalty and thus awards a point to the opposing team. The game can be played either versus computer or against another player. For real challenge and fun, player versus player is the way to go. Instructions: Default controls Mouse: used for menu navigation Player 1 Controls: left arrow key: move left right arrow key: move right up arrow key: jump Player 2 Controls: A key: move left D key: move right W key: jump

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